About AC Plus Marine, Inc.

AC Plus Marine, Inc., a woman-owned company, has been in business since 1996 serving the commercial marine industry in the inland waterways. In more recent years, the marine equipment business has expanded to include saturation and shallow dive equipment and systems.

AC Plus is a complete ship systems maintenance and equipment company. Over the years we have developed our own custom designs for HVAC and refrigeration systems. Our MarineTuff™ chill water systems are custom built to the boat and the customer’s preferences and needs. All of our equipment is designed with ease of maintenance and repair in mind. Energy efficiency and waste heat recovery are incorporated into all designs to the extent possible. AC Plus is an expert in thermal transfers.

AC Plus, also refurbishes, services, designs, builds and installs equipment for the shallow and deep saturation dive industries. AC Plus has developed numerous pieces of equipment for these industries including our Hyperbaric Environmental Conditioning Unit (HECU), the Emergency Portable Environmental Conditioning Unit (E-ECU), diver hot water units, an emergency scrubber, a repairable submersible depth gauge, containerized surface systems, and 9- to 12-man self-contained modular deep saturation dive systems including a Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC).

AC Plus Marine, Inc. has an excellent reputation for high quality work and for standing behind our work. We are fully insured with worldwide coverage so we can go wherever we are needed. All our technicians have a TWIC card, and are drug and alcohol free. Our strict drug and alcohol policy requires drug testing for employment, random annual, and upon any incident or accident.




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